Auto Lube Systems

Utilizing auto lube systems (also referred to as an automatic lubrication system or centralized lubrication system) is one of the best ways to maximize uptime, operational life, and consistent performance of your equipment, ultimately leading to overall cost savings. An auto lube system accomplishes this by automatically dispensing a predetermined specified amount of grease to vital lubrication points within a given system at precisely measured intervals. This ensures that the component or components are constantly being “refreshed” with new, clean grease regularly.

Auto lube systems take potential human error out of systems that, in order to operate at maximum efficiency, require a level of precision and consistency that generally speaking cannot be obtained by a person with a grease gun who may push a little too much or not enough lubricant or not do so on a timely basis (busy doing something else, forgot, came in late, etc.).

PetroChoice offers auto lube systems from top brands including:

  • Lincoln
  • Graco
  • Perma
  • ATS

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