Equipment Reliability

Working On EquipmentYour equipment reliability is our primary focus at PetroChoice. We do not only deliver lubricants, we also work hard to provide a comprehensive solution to your equipment reliability needs. PetroChoice has the resources to deliver results.

We currently offer both predictive and preventative services.  Predictive equipment reliability services can range from oil analysis, acoustic greasing, thermography, and vibration analysis.  Each of these are great tools that can assist your facility in making the correct decisions to stay running at peak performance including the need for filtration, and adjusting the lubricants you are using among others.  On the preventative side, we offer services such as program efficiency studies to determine if you are using the correct product in the correct quantity and time intervals.  Taking it a step further, we can do an entire lube program design, as well as help implement it in your CMMS system.  If you really want to push the gains of your equipment reliability, we offer root cause failure analysis with detailed reporting and recommendations.

We will assist to identify and resolve any problematic areas you may have. Fill out the contact form on this page and we would be happy to discuss these services in greater detail.