PetroChoice has a strong presence in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the North Eastern quarter of Wisconsin. Our reach in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula spans most of that portion of the state from Ironwood in the West, to Gladstone and Escanaba in the East. We deliver all along the Keweenaw Peninsula Including Houghton and Hancock, then down to Marquette and Negaunee (the location of our distribution center in MI) to cover the north and then head south to Iron Mountain and further south to Menominee.

In Northeastern Wisconsin, we deliver productivity to the Eastern reach of Marinette and all towns traveling westward to Ashland, including: Park Falls, Crandon, Eagle River and more. Contact PetroChoice for additional details on specific delivery areas.

PetroChoice is an innovative solution focused lubricant distributor. We specialize in assisting our customers in lowering their total cost of ownership through proactive lubrication solutions. PetroChoice takes a holistic approach to lubrication, and we work closely with our customers to uncover areas of improvement in order to promote increased Safety, Savings, and Sustainability. By focusing on the lubrication circuit as a whole, we help ensure that each customer has the correct lubrication product, it stays clean and dry, and the proper monitoring techniques are put in place to hold the gains. We are excited to deliver profitability to organizations throughout our markets, in every application.