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Welcome to PetroChoice!

PetroChoice is a premier distributor of lubricants and services to thousands of companies in many states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska among others. In fact, we distribute and offer our services from more than 50 locations in 32 states every day and include top brands of oils, greases, and other lubricants.

Lubrication Solutions

PetroChoice proudly offers a wide range of lubricants from Mobil, Valvoline and our proprietary brands Medallion Plus, Dyna-Plex21C, and Eco Ultra. We partner with a network of jobbers and re-sellers from coast-to-coast, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. This allows us to deliver productivity to customers through our proprietary brands in all 50 states.

Solutions For Every Industry

We expertly deliver  lubricant products, equipment, and services to many industries, including Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, On and Off Highway Fleets, Automotive, Quick Lubes, Industrial Plants, Timber and logging, Shale and more!

The Best Equipment Available

We carry a wide variety of equipment for sale and in some instances, such as bulk oil tanks, for loan to our customers. PetroChoice can conveniently provide everything from hoses, reels, used oil heaters and furnaces, auto lifts, auto lube systems,  to filter carts, vacuum dehydrators and other contamination control equipment.

Services Designed To Make Lubricant Management Easy

Our services include proactive activities such as lube (Plant) surveys, lube management, oil analysis, tank monitoring, training seminars, reservoir flushing, oil reprocessing, equipment installation and maintenance among others. Everything we do from distribution to service is designed to help your business run more efficiently and work toward lowering your total cost of ownership and controlling risk.

Your Partner In Your Success

Make us your trusted partner for all of your lubrication needs. We will work every day to earn your business and exceed your expectations. Check out our site to learn more, fill out a request form or give us a call for more information.

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