Synthetic Engine Oil

oilSynthetic engine oils make up a
key product offering from PetroChoice.

Synthetics oils are lubricants containing chemical compounds that are artificially manufactured. Many synthetic lubricants are derived in part or entirely from petrochemicals. They can also be derived from coal, oil shale or even animal or vegetable oils.

Synthetic engine oils typically have higher viscosity indexes, better thermal and oxidation stability, and lower volatility. Because of these properties, synthetic oils often provide longer service life, making them an effective tool for PetroChoice to help customers lower their total cost of ownership or TCO for their equipment and/or vehicle engines.

PetroChoice has access to many brands of synthetic engine oils including:

With bulk storage capacity of more than 12,000,000 gallons, PetroChoice is sure to have what you need when you need it. PetroChoice also carries a vast stock of cases, jugs, pails, kegs, drums and totes of many of the synthetic engine oil products in our warehouses. Please use the contact form or quote form on this page to contact us today and learn how we can provide you with high quality synthetic engine oils today. 

****Note****  Not all brands are available in every market so call today to verify.