Medallion Plus
Performance Fuels

Medallion Plus Performance Fuels

Why Choose Medallion Plus Performance Fuels?

  • Cost – competitive pricing on our products and services
  • Price Volatility – can have a profound impact on cash flow and profitability.
  • Supply – ensuring your company has adequate fuel supply whether in the yard, at a job site, or on the road.
  • Product Quality – clean, high performance fuel is critical for today’s high pressure injection systems. Fuels also need to be properly formulated to meet local weather conditions.
  • Fuel Storage and Dispensing Equipment – having the proper equipment, meeting local and state codes, keeping your equipment in good operating condition. Monitoring tank condition and preventing water or sludge from accumulating in tank bottoms.
  • Environmental Compliance – preventing an environmental incident starts with being prepared. This includes having the right equipment, procedures, and training.

Few companies have the resources and expertise to manage this complex resource. Fuel management can be overwhelming and many companies settle for suppliers that offer little beyond delivery and supply.

Managed Fuel Programs – We work with customers to manage their fuel programs. We take time to understand your business objectives before recommending any products or services. We learn how you operate, calculate your total costs, track consumption and equipment use and asses the impact on your bottom line. Based on our professional expertise, Medallion Plus Performance Fuels will recommend the proper tools and technology to allow you to take control of your fuel spend – turning an expense into a competitive advantage.

Fuel Products

PetroChoice is a regional leader in fuel marketing and distribution. Our fuel products are designed to meet the most stringent specifications for your equipment and are specially formulated to meet local regulations and weather conditions. Our Fuel products include:

  • Diesel Fuel (#1 and #2 – including winter blends)
  • BioDiesel (blended to your requirements, Illinois market only)
  • Gasoline (all grades) and gasohol
  • Kerosene

Medallion Plus Performance Fuel Services

Performance Diesel Fuel

Our exclusive Medallion Plus Performance Diesel Fuel products are regionally and seasonally blended to meet and exceed expectations for quality and value. They are designed to improve fuel economy and enhance engine performance and power by utilizing our proprietary performance diesel additive chemistry to improve the cold filter plugging point (CFPP).

  • Exceed L-10 Superior Detergency Performance
  • Contains cetane improvers for better cold starts, reduced emissions and maximum fuel economy
  • ASTM D975 lubricity specification
  • Twice the “premium diesel” treat rate of moisture control agents, fuel stabilizers and agents to prevent bacteria growth

Fuel Additives

PetroChoice provides pre-treated and packaged additives for treating gasohol and diesel fuels. These additives enhance performance, address seasonal conditions and stabilize fuels that require longer shelf life.

Proper fuel additive technology can improve:

  • Fuel economy
  • Cleanliness of fuel system and fuel injectors
  • Cold flow characteristics
  • Fuel stability
  • Engine performance

Fuel Testing

PetroChoice employs an on-going, scheduled diesel testing program to ensure our customers that every gallon of Medallion Plus Performance Diesel consistently exceeds the most stringent industry performance specifications and our customers’ expectations.

We also offer field testing of your diesel fuel and quickly provide test results and recommendations to improve storage and handling.

  • Cold Flow: CFPP, Cloud Point, and Pour Point
  • Water PPM, Algae and Bacteria testing

Fuel Solutions

PetroChoice can meet any combinations of refueling needs, including tank fills and on-site equipment refueling. We use the latest technology to track tank inventory and fuel consumption. Our fleet fueling program (Fuel Factor) tracks fuel consumption for each vehicle. Your program may include the following:

  • Online Account Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking and Consumption Reporting
  • On-Site Fleet Fueling
  • Equipment Programs