Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis LabOil analysis is one of the most important components of a successful contamination control effort. Oil analysis is a vital tool designed to aid in understanding what is affecting your lubricants and how that may affect the performance of those lubes and the equipment in which they are used. Oil analysis will also help to set a bench mark from which to measure progress as you take steps toward improving your operation’s overall efficiency and cost savings.

Oil AnalysisA quality oil analysis program will help you determine areas where upgrading your lubricants, or adding filtration or dehydration equipment within your system will help increase your drain intervals, the life of your lubricants, and the efficiency and life span of your equipment. PetroChoice partners with a number of reputable oil analysis companies including Signum and Fluid Life.

Oil to be AnalizedDo not let lack of experience with oil analysis hold you back from improving performance and cost savings opportunities. PetroChoice will work on-site to train your team on how to properly pull and send samples. We will then follow up to help you and your team interpret the results and make recommendations regarding how to address any issues. PetroChoice is here to help you every step of the way. Please fill out a request form on this page and a PetroChoice team member will contact you shortly.

Check out the PetroChoice RetroFit Kit or CheckFluid for sample port kits to help in analysis process!