Bulk Filtration

Dondalson FiltersWith the increasingly tighter tolerances of modern equipment, bulk filtration is more important than ever. Dirty fuel and lubricants are emerging as leading causes of equipment downtime.  From damage to injectors and pumps to unpredictable filter plugging, contamination in diesel and oil can bring critical machinery to a halt.

Bulk Filtration can help maximize equipment availability by putting the cleanest fuels and lubricants into your mission-critical equipment.  Installing a Donaldson Clean Solutions bulk filtration system is the easiest and most cost effective way to do this.

Fluids in your storage tank can be thousands of times dirtier than recommended by equipment manufacturers.  Donaldson’s bulk filtration cleans this contamination out of the fluid in a single-pass, minimizing system complexity and size.  These modular systems are available for any fluid or flow rate.  Several filter options are available based on viscosity and cleanliness requirements.

PetroChoice is the expert in designing, installing and servicing Clean Solutions systems.  We will work with you to make sure you put the cleanest possible fuel and lubes into your equipment and make sure you KEEP RUNNING. Submit a contact form or call us today!