About Us

PetroChoice is a lubricant distributor specializing in providing our customers with  a comprehensive line of advanced lubrication solutions that enhance productivity and cost savings for increased profitability. 

Founded as Tri-County Petroleum in 1969, PetroChoice has grown from a heating oil company to a comprehensive lubrication and contamination control solutions expert, serving a broad range of needs and industries. Our history is marked by consistent growth and expansion, which has significantly widened our scope of experience and capabilities as a lubricant distributor to include bulk distribution, lubrication services, repair and maintenance, contamination control, filtration and more. As a PetroChoice customer, you will enjoy the advantages of our capabilities, along with outstanding customer service.

In addition to comprehensive services, PetroChoice offers you an unbeatable product selection as a lubricant distributor.  We  carry a wide range of Mobil products as well as our own brand of proprietary lubricants for unsurpassed quality and value.

To learn more about how PetroChoice can meet your needs as your lubricant distributor, we invite you to explore our website, or contact us to discuss your project.