Filters Schroeder

Filtration is perhaps the most frequently overlooked tool for maintaining the quality and service life of a company’s lubricants and by extension their equipment. Keeping lubricants clean and dry will work to help reduce overall consumption and increase cost efficiency. Savings are made possible through reduced lubricant usage, lengthening of effective equipment life and efficiency, as well as reduction of downtime. 

PetroChoice excels in helping our clients find the best filtration fit for their application. Sometimes it is fairly easy to figure out what type of filtration is necessary based on past experience with similar equipment in similar environments, but the best way to learn about your filtration needs is to start with a good oil analysis program to identify what is in your system. Based on those results, PetroChoice can steer you in the direction of the best filtration product for your situation. We partner with top filtration brands including:Filtration Products

  • Donaldson
  • Pentair (Porous Media)
  • Schroeder
  • Air Sentry
  • Spinner II
  • And More

If you would like to increase equipment uptime and increase lubricant life please fill out the contact form on this page to have someone from the PetroChoice team contact you. Keep in mind that PetroChoice offers a full line of Automotive oil and air filtration products please visit our automotive pagesto learn more.