Mobil Brand Image of PailsPetroChoice distributes many of the top brands of products available for every industry, including such recognizable names as Mobil, Petro-Canada, Valvoline, Kendall, Jax, Eaton, Donaldson, Graco, Lincoln, Clean Burn, Rotary, and many, many more. Our access to such a wide variety ensures that we have the lubricants and related products our customers need. So whether the need is simply to match a product to a specific application, or if a customer requires a specific product to meet an equipment manufacturer’s warranty requirements, we will have the right brand and product available.

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We build strong relationships with our vendors. This benefits our customers because it allows us to leverage the engineering expertise of each manufacturer by literally bringing them on site to work side by side with PetroChoice and our customers to help solve problems and make recommendations.

We even package our own proprietary brands of products with names you may recognize including: Universal, Dyna-Plex 21C, EcoUltra, and Medallion Plus. PetroChoice has carefully developed their lines to make sure every product we deliver under our name will perform at the same level or better than any major brand on the market. We are so sure of our products’ quality and reliability we have included a warranty for your piece of mind.

Our oil analysis lab, Engine Guard, is a great tool for our customers to understand what is going on with the lubricants within their own equipment but it also helps us to make sure that the products we developed are of a high quality and consistent with every delivery. Please take some time to review our list of quality brands then contact us for more information or click on the catalog link to order today.