Conventional Engine Oil

Engine OilPetroChoice offers a wide range of conventional engine oils to meet the needs of our customers. Conventional oils, also often referred to as mineral oils, generally do not contain synthetic additives or compounds. They typically do not have the protective qualities and viscosity indexes of a full or semi synthetic oil, and require shorter drain intervals. 

Depending upon your application, conventional oils, despite their limitations, can prove to be a cost effective solution to your engine and other oil needs. PetroChoice either stocks or can source conventional oils from many of the following partner companies in quart bottles by the case, jugs, kegs, drums, totes, and bulk:

If you are wondering if a conventional oil may be the right fit for you, please fill out the contact form on this page today. One of our team of experts will be in contact with you to review your options and make an appropriate recommendation specific to your needs.