Industrial Lubricants

Paper PlantPetroChoice delivers high quality industrial lubricants to thousands of companies in more than 14 states every day. The PetroChoice line of industrial lubricants runs the full gamut of product offerings, making sure we can supply you with product no matter your industry and needs.

PetroChoice has bulk capacity across its divisions of more than 2.8 million gallons. So we will have the industrial lubricants you need when you need them.

Our complete line includes petroleum products developed by leading manufacturers including: ExxonMobil,  Shell, Conoco, Castrol Industrial, ConocoPhillips, Valvoline, Whitmores, Jax, and many others. We also carry a wide selection of metalworking lubricants, and specialty fluids such as fire resistant hydraulic oil. Our customers will recognize names like Castrol, Cross Chemical, Chemtool, Metaloid, and ACT among others.Presses

In addition to a full selection of industrial lubricants and specialty fluids, PetroChoice brings you expert services including leak detection, handling and storage, tank inspection & cleaning, bulk filtration, auto lube systems,  plant audits, fluid management, as well as oil analysis. We also offer lubrication engineering and lubricant training services.

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