Food Grade Lubricants

Food grade lubricants are designed to meet the many challenges of manufacturing products sold for human consumption or other personal use. These lubricants are applied in a variety of industries including food manufacturing, beverages and brewing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Two primary challenges faced by these lubricants are:

  1. Food grade lubricants  need to provide proper lubrication to maximize equipment uptime and efficiency
  2. They also have to meet a high level of cleanliness and sanitation standards.

Food grade lubricants need to effectively provide metal-to-metal surface separation, anti- wear Food Grade Lubricantsperformance, and inhibit oxidation and rust. They face, and must perform well against, contamination from heavy steam and caustic-high pressure cleaning. This means they have to be formulated to protect your equipment from water washout and the formation of rust within bearings and gearboxes.

Food grade lubricants must also have properties that discourage the growth of various bacteria and fungi which tend to thrive in the wet environments found in these manufacturing processes. They also need to perform well against contamination and breakdown from the many chemicals often used when manufacturing personal use and food products.

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