Food Processing

Delivering Productivity to
Food Processing Applications

Petrochoice provides food grade lubricants, which are required for any manufacturing process that produces products for consumption or personal use. This includes industries that produce cosmetics, beverages, food, and pharmaceuticals. Food grade lubricants are held to the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation and quality. In addition to making sure that food grade lubricants meet these standards, manufacturers must verify that the lubricants they choose perform as necessary for productivity, performance and equipment protection.

Product Selection

Our food grade lubricant products meet regulatory requirements and offer the benefits of proper lubrication, including metal-to-metal surface separation, anti-wear performance properties, along with oxidation and rust inhibitors. These lubricants are developed to withstand a broad range of contamination issues including heavy steam and caustic high-pressure water cleaning. They are formulated to hold up against water washout and control rust formation within gearboxes and bearings. Our food grade lubricants resist chemicals, sugar and other substances that are present in the manufacturing process.


Food grade lubricants application environments present specific challenges including the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. Wet environments are especially susceptible to the formation of bacteria, making this a critical factor to address in lubricants for the food and beverage industry.

PetroChoice has highly trained personnel to assist you with selecting the best lubricants for your environment. We will develop a comprehensive lubrication program, design and install a lube room, provide oil analysis services, and so much more.

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