Oil Dehydration

Oil dehydration, also referred to as vacuum dehydration, is a vital service offered by PetroChoice. The oil dehydration process cleans and dries the oil entirely. Clean, dry oil is crucial for lubricant and component life in critical wear parts found throughout hydraulic and rotational equipment.  Through proper oil dehydration, our customers can significantly extend the life of their equipment components, minimize downtime, optimize efficiency, and increase overall profitability.

Oil Dehydration1

The process of dehydration typically involves passing warm dry air over the oil, drawing moisture from the oil into the air. This process is maximized by thinning the oil thus obtaining the highest amount of oil surface area exposure possible. The thinning is accomplished by allowing the oil to flow over a variety of media options within the vacuum chamber or by creating an umbrella spray through which the dry air passes.

The high level benefits of oil dehydration include the removal of water along with low-boiling impure liquids like solvents or fuels. If your oils are at risk from high moisture exposure applications (e.g., steam turbines or in paper mills to name a couple) oil dehydration can be an ideal solution to reducing water levels to as low as a few ppm and increasing the life of your oil and equipment.

PetroChoice has great options for your oil dehydration needs from dehydrator rental for onsite use at your location, to outright purchase or even removal and dehydration at our facility. Contact us today for a review.