Timber and Logging

Delivering Productivity to
the Timber and Logging Industry

loggingLubrication Solutions to help you get the most out of your time in the woods.

PetroChoice serves the Timber and Logging Industry with a focused selection of products that work to address the equipment needs that arise from the extreme conditions that loggers are exposed to throughout the year. These conditions range from the intense cold of a January in the north to the extreme heat of just about everywhere in late July and August. PetroChoice has put together a great selection of lubricant products from companies like Petro-Canada and Eaton that keep your logging equipment running efficiently in all weather conditions.

PetroChoice brings a unique set of capabilities to the Logging Industry.  Not only do we have the best products, services and people, but with the addition of Rapids Hydraulic and Machine we also provide a level of service that sets us apart from our competition through extensive equipment maintenance and repair expertise.  

Product Selection

PetroChoice has an extensive selection of lubricants, contamination control products, and other products especially formulated for the extreme conditions associated with logging. Our team will work with you to find the best product from our suite of vendors.


Our services start with a great spring breakup educational seminar series. Our highly trained personnel are eager to assist you with everything from extending your drain intervals to improve efficiency, to auditing your equipment to make sure you have the very best products that meet the OE specifications and keep your equipment running in every temperature and weather condition Mother Nature throws at you. 

PetroChoice…Productivity Delivered!