Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

oil_pour1(web)PetroChoice delivers semi-synthetic engine oils every day. Semi-synthetic engine oils also frequently referred to as “synthetic blends”, are blends of conventional or “mineral” oils typically containing no more than 30% synthetic oil. Semi-synthetcs have the ability to provide engine defense for somewhat higher temperatures and fairly heavy loads and they are not as subject to evaporation as the typical mineral oil.

Synthetic blend oils can be a good choice for drivers who put heavy loads on their engine during intensive usage situations like towing or off-roading. Semi-Synthetics are designed to have many of the benefits of synthetic oil such as extended lubricant life and improved viscosity indexes but are generally lower cost than a full synthetic oil. The first semi-synthetic motor oil was introduced in 1966.

PetroChoice has a wide variety of semi-synthetic engine oils available to our customers in quart bottles by the case, jugs, kegs, drums, totes, and in bulk. We have synthetic blend engine oils from many manufacturers including:

PetroChoice and our partner vendors will work with you to see if transitioning your fleet from a conventional oil to semi-synthetic can help lower your total cost of ownership through extending your drain intervals (Oil analysis will be a key component of this process). Fill out the contact form on this page today to learn more.