Oil Safe

Oil Safe should be the first line of defense in your contamination control program. Oil Safe is a brand of color coded containers and lubricant dispensing equipment that can help you reduce the risk of your personnel pouring the wrong lubricant into the wrong piece of equipment. 

This convenient system utilizes a combination of color and symbols to differentiate lubricants and to match each lubricant with the appropriate application. Oil Safe lubricant containers have a colored lids with corresponding colored tags, so that each lubricant can be easily matched with the specific equipment for which it is used. Additionally, each color has a corresponding symbol to address the needs of color-blind users.

Additionally the Oil Safe containers have O-ring sealed lids and twist-to-open pour spouts so your team will limit the risk of spilling the product, skin contact, or environmental contaminants in the lubricant. The translucent color of the hand held containers also aids in visually maintaining and measuring liquid levels.

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