Lubricant Brands

PetroChoice has partnered with the top lubricant brands in every market we serve. This allows us to help you match the best lubrication product available for your application. PetroChoice also offers several high quality and very competitive proprietary lines of lubricants called Medallion Plus (automotive), Dyna-Plex 21C (Commercial and Industrial), and Eco Ultra (environmentally responsible re-refined). Our Proprietary lines not only help you cover nearly every lubricant need you have they also have a limited warranty for your protection and piece of mind. Contact us today to learn more!

****PLEASE NOTE**** Not all brands listed on our site are available in every market we serve. Please fill out a contact form on this page or contact your local PetroChoice representative to confirm or discuss your other options.

Keep in mind that in addition to providing our customers with the right product when they need it through robust product integrity programs and professional delivery services, we also have experts on staff to help you make sure you get the latest updates and options to help you realize the maximum benefit from the lubricants you use including, controlling costs, reducing on-the-job risks, and boosting sustainability. We can provide plant and equipment surveys to help you consolidate products, purchase in appropriate quantities, and extend your lubricant and equipment life.