Fluid Reclamation

Reclamation EquipmentOil Reclamation can help you control costs and reduce consumption. PetroChoice’s on-site fluid or oil reclamation program, allows used oil to be recycled to its original state, reducing the amount of waste oil produced each year and reducing new oil consumption by as much as 50 percent. Our on-site fluid reclamation program works for hydraulic oils, turbine oils, gear oils, paper machine oils, quench oils, metalworking fluids and certain synthetic oils. Our technical engineers have been trained and certified to perform the fluid reclamation process to help our customers save money and reduce the overall amount of waste oil.

Maintenance is the largest single controllable expense in a manufacturing plant, and with as many as 80 percent of all machine failures related to contamination within the oil, our pro-active support through oil reprocessing can help reduce this cost considerably each year.

PetroChoice will keep you at the forefront of lubrication technology by keeping you up-to-date with the most technically advanced practices available. Our lubrication engineers and fluid condition monitoring labs work with you to reduce your operating costs and potential for down-time.

Our Focus

  • Make sure the oil you are using is the optimum one for the job
  • Identify the contamination
  • Investigate and assist you with methods for contamination control
  • Reduce the wear in your equipment and increase uptime
  • Extend the life of your lubricant and decrease oil waste

Fluid Reclamation Services

  • On/Off-Site Reclamation
  • High Velocity Flushing / Oil Flushing
  • Portable Filtration/Preventative Maintenance Filtration
  • Emergency Services including water and particulates
  • Initial New Fluid Fills

Our Technical Staff can further assist with:

  • Best Practice In-Plant Assessments
  • Failure Analysis
  • Storage and Handling Practices
  • Lean Projects
  • Lubricant Consolidation & Surveys
  • Bulk Tank and Reservoir Inspections
  • Lubrication Training
  • Fluid Contamination Control

Contact PetroChoice to discuss how your operation can benefit from fluid reclamation.