ASI Warns Pilots of fuel contaminated with Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The Air Safety Institute (ASI) has released a safety notice asking pilots to be aware of jet fuel contaminated with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

According to reports, the notices were issued in response to an incident where two Cessna jets in Florida experienced in-flight failure as a result of contaminated fuel.  This was the third incident in the last 18 months related to contamination.  DEF can sometimes be confused with Jet Fuel additives that prevent icing, as both are clear and colorless.  However, it is not approved for use in aircraft and can cause engine failure and substantial damage.

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DEF is becoming increasingly popular at airports, as many new ground vehicles in use require it.   While the ASI says there are no known pre-flight procedures that can identify fuel that has been contaminated, they are asking pilots to be vigilant and prepared.

Posted on June 4, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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