Nissan Could Eliminate Datsun Brand Again

In an effort to combat declining profits, Nissan executives have proposed drastic measures including reducing plant capacity and eliminating its Datsun brand.

According to reports, the Japanese automaker is on pace to see its lowest profit in 11 years. The company is still reeling from a scandal that saw its CEO ousted over financial misconduct claims and it’s alliance with Renault damaged. Nissan has strongly considered axing its Datsun brand, which the previous regime had revived for sale in emerging markets. Datsun was originally phased out in the 1980’s.

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Other planned cuts include the removal of unpopular vehicle variants, like the single cab and diesel versions of the Titan. While there are no plans for complete factory closures, Nissan is looking at substantial reductions in capacity at some of their plants.

Posted on October 23, 2019 at 11:23 am

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