Survey Shows Positive Reactions on Autonomous Vehicles

A recently released survey revealed a majority of consumers feel a sense of anticipation about self-driving vehicles despite a large number also expressing concern over such vehicles.

The survey was conducted by Capgemini, a Paris-based consulting firm. They surveyed more than 5,500 consumers, along with 280 automakers and asked them a series of questions regarding what feelings autonomous vehicles evoked for them. 59 percent said self-driving cars gave them a sense of anticipation, while 52 percent were left with a sense of surprise. However, 48 percent of respondents said autonomous vehicles gave them a sense of fear, while 46 percent had a sense of anxiety.

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Consumers were polled in the United State, China, Germany, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Responses to autonomous vehicles were predominately positive, particularly in China and France. Respondents were also overwhelmingly said they would be willing to pay more for a self-driving vehicle. Click here to view the full report.

Posted on May 16, 2019 at 11:04 am

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