PetroChoice Earns Eastman Chemical Company’s Supplier Excellence Award for 2016

April 4, 2017


1300 Virginia Drive

Suite 405

Ft. Washington, PA 19034


Dear PetroChoice associates:

Congratulations!  Eastman Chemical Company is pleased to inform you that you have been named a recipient of the Eastman Chemical Company Supplier Excellence Award for the year 2016 as part of the Eastman Supplier Excellence Program.

Less than 2% of our more than 13,000 suppliers ever earn a single Supplier Excellence Award. Your continued efforts in managing our business relationship is key to our success. Even more impressive is your long-term accomplishments in earning this award for what I believe is eleven years in a row. Maintaining that level of service over a decade is what great looks like and what sets PetroChoice apart from your competitors.

As a recognized supplier of lubricants and greases to Eastman Chemical Company during 2016, you have earned the status assigned by Eastman to our most valued suppliers. This designation signifies consistent performance in furnishing Eastman with high quality materials and services and working on Eastman’s behalf to improve our efficiency and competitiveness in today’s challenging market.

Your selection for the Supplier Excellence Award is based on your contributions in the areas of on-time shipping performance and meeting Eastman’s quality expectations.  Furthermore, we recognize that PetroChoice has made other value-added contributions to our customer-supplier relationship such as second-to-none customer support, identified and implemented cost savings solutions, sustainability improvements, and continuing to add value to Eastman Chemical Company by challenging our thought processes.

On a personal note, I want to recognize every PetroChoice employee for their contributions that led to earning this award. As I sit and think of the many ways the process can break down from order receiving, order processing, staging of product to be delivered, delivering the product, invoicing, and customer service before, during, and after the sale – your performance is truly remarkable! I’ve been fortunate to meet many PetroChoice associates and have been impressed by each of them. This further validates our position that PetroChoice is a great partner to Eastman.

Please pass my sincere thanks along to each PetroChoice employee as I truly understand it takes an entire team of dedicated associates from the entry level employee to support from all levels of management to accomplish this type of recognition.

I look forward to congratulating you in person during the award presentations regarding last year’s outstanding performance.


Very truly yours,

Global Sourcing Manager


Global Indirect Procurement and Supply Chain


Posted on May 8, 2017 at 6:44 pm

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