Retailers Agree to $1.7 Million Super S SuperTrac 303 Settlement

Two retail chains have agreed to a $1.7 million class action settlement related to the sale of Super S SuperTrac 303 tractor fluid.

According to reports, Smitty’s Supply and Tractor Supply have settled with Missouri-based purchasers of the controversial tractor fluid. The plaintiffs alleged the product was deceptively manufactured, marketed and labeled, and that use of the product damaged their equipment. The settlement will provide compensation to about 10,000 class members who purchased Super S SuperTrac 303 between May of 2013 and the present.

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303 tractor fluids have stirred controversy in recent years. These products, which often come in yellow buckets, are seen by some as cheaper alternatives to other brands. However, they can also damage modern equipment, as the JD 303 standard on which they are based became obsolete in 1974. Some states, including Missouri, have banned the sale of these fluids.

Posted on August 21, 2019 at 11:35 am

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